So some people decide on a more natural paleo-like life style for reason’s like health, weight loss, sustainability or many other great and very valid reasons. For us, we have the real reason why going paleo is not just a choice, but will be a necessity. Zombies. Yes folks, it isn’t really a “if” so much as it is “when.” And really… where will you be without your favorite gluten-free puffs then, huh?! You think it’s hard to find them now, well my friend, they will be harder to find than Twinkie comes the Zombie Apocalypse.

So yes, we have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with zombies, perhaps. The year before last, whilst we still lived in ourzombies teeny apartment we went to a zombie walk where I, “Cake” was your resident Zombie baker. We made the local news fighting over a severed foot. Epic.  Last year for Halloween, our home served as ground zero for the outbreak, something we plan to reenact this year with more gusto. I think this year maybe I will be a zombie, last year I was a survivor. I could do some damage with a Kitana though, something to think about.

IMG_9808Our obsession with zombies really spurred from a place that many people’s has and for good reason, I mean who doesn’t love to hate Lori, want to slap Carl around and maybe just maybe want to ride off on the back of Daryl’s…. ummm hog. (Watch out for that crossbow, it’s pointy) Ah, life on The Walking Dead,dang it,  it’s rough and tumble. But you love it, every gruesome, bite-y second of it! There are very few shows we actually commit to watching on a regular basis and we do NOT DVR. If we miss something, well… we miss it and we go on with life. We DO NOT MISS The Walking Dead. Period. (We also DO NOT MISS Doctor Who, but that is a post for another day.)

So back to natural paleo-like living. Zombies… yes. Remember Herschel’s farm? Did they have Cheeto’s there? I didn’t see any. I didn’t ssophiaee any gallons of milk or plastic trays of meat. Ok, given you don’t see them eat all that often, cept for the rare occasion you see them eat dog food… not paleo. But still Herschel’s Farm, yup… you can guarantee they had some chickens (they gave some of those to the walkers in the barn, remember?…. Poor Sophia!!!)… and cows and gardens with yumminess growing so they could eat. Yeah, so I think for the sake of the coming zombie apocalypse, we need to get this natural sustainable living thing right or we are all screwed… well I won’t be, but you will be if you try to steal my food.

All joking aside though, in our home we have decided to commit to Paleo, specifically the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, for health reasons. The kiddos will still get the creature comforts of breads, but I will refrain and stick to the guidelines of the Autoimmune Protocol. Time to see if I can really kick some of these nasty health issues that have lingered, plus it will better prepare me for the coming zombies.

For Richard’s Birthday, staying in line with a long history of crazy cakes, I decided to honor him with a Walking Dead cake for his day. It was actually the kiddo’s idea, specifically the Governor’s living room WITH the zombie tanks.  They actually wanted to have the Governor’s zombie kid, Penny there too, but it was only a 1/4 sheet cake, not enough room. I think it worked out very nicely and Richard was way surprised with his cake. The images are spreading across the interwebs now…maybe it will get to Mr. Kirkman… I could make them a Season 4 Premier Cake!!!!  Yesssss.




This cake is not paleo…but it is a vegan chocolate cake with a strawberry compote filling. It is super simple and is gluten-free. I didn’t have any, but those who had it said it was pretty deeeelicious. (again, I am sticking to strict Paleo Autoimmune Protocol). You would NEVER know this cake was 1. Gluten-free 2. Vegan.  Love it and hope you do too!