Growing up I drank milk… ya know the one from the cow. {{{gulp…shudder}}} Years of discomfort and at times really terrible pain made me realize that milk…in just about every form is EVIL… for my body. When my daughter was born a touch of dairy and she would break out in the worst diaper rash known to man. My poor baby would shriek as soon as her diaper was a mess, it would kill me BUT only if she had formula. If she was nursing she was fine. Alas as she got a little older the issue seemed to decrease in severity and she went on to cheese with discomfort at times, but with a kid who loved cheese and dairy like her I felt keeping her from them was some form of abuse.


Wide Mouth Jars, love em! Eeek, time to make more milk!

All those years ago when I stopped drinking milk, I would still get the occasional sprinkle of cheese here or there (glutton for punishment). At the time the idea of making my own non-dairy milk seemed like a total pain the **s. Why make it if I can buy it?! Fast forward to about 6 months ago and I am jumping into my Autoimmune Protocol and start reading labels. I mean I had read labels before, but I just assumed that my nut milks or coconut milks we just that and maybe water.  What the hell do these “natural” beverages need all that crap for?! Well… with AIP, you remove all the gums and such, so I thought it was try my hand at home milk making. To my surprise it really wasn’t that hard at all and wow, hold heck, SO much cheaper. I started with some recipes from other bloggers online, some short cuts, but then delved right into actually doing the whole hearted pulpy versions. The results?! Ah-mazing creamy delicious nut and coconut milks WITHOUT the crap! Yay!

I use The Paleo Mom’s recipe for making coconut milk, with the exception that I simmer the coconut for a we bit before blending it. Works beautifully with creamy and delicious coconut milk!

So, now I make non-dairy milk for the family each week, keeping us well stocked. The kids favorite is actually an almond/hazelnut blend that I make for them, I stick to the coconut. Richard is the middle man and goes in between the two.

So one day my good friend came over when  I was finishing up some coconut milk and was about to put the pulp in the compost pile, which is what I had been doing with the pulp. We had been having these discussions about homesteading and not letting anything go to waste, so naturally she ask “well, can’t you do anything with the pulp?” Duh, I hadn’t even thought about it.

So I started looking online and I found a few amazing recipes from Elana’s Pantry for crackers with the nut pulp. The kids love them! They are so easy to do and from a base I can do so much variety.

But, I admit I wanted more out of my pulp. The crackers were great, but I felt like I could do something else.

I was inspired by Amber over at Tasty Alternatives who has a number of amazing recipes that are grain-free and nut free and her own wonderful cereal, but I was on a bender about the nut pulp… I knew I could do it.. a dehydrated grain-free nut pulp cereal.

I thought it would be basically the same idea as doing a granola in the dehydrator (did you know my dehydrator is my new favorite GFgranolawmilkfriend…second bestie is my spiralizer). So I thought something cinnamon-y and nutty with a just a little sweetness all blended up into a mashy mess with the pulp. Dehydrated overnight and the house smelled wonderful! The resulting cereal was a perfect grain-free nut pulp cereal much like a granola. The recipe is really just a starting point, you can add to it, change the spices up decrease or increase the sweetener. So long as you keep the pulp a little moist to hold the seeds and nuts together before dehydrating, you can do wonders with it. It’s perfect for as a side to breakfast (gots to have my protein) and some non-dairy milk. A little goes a long filling way too. Richard threw some in a baggy to eat at work and… sadly its almost gone! Time to make more almond milk!