Wednesday’s lunch, is actually a Wednesday lunch while my computer was flashing a fancy blue screen at me. But I LOVE this idea and wanted to remake it and share with you for this Lunchbox Round-up!

My little lady is a hardcore sushi fan and has been since she first had sushi at about 5 years old. My mom was appauled that I would let my little girl eat raw fish. But ever since her first foray with sushi, she has been in food love. I can’t blame her, I myself have the same addiction and she certainly is my mini-me. So when she does really well on her grades or collects enough reward coins (part of our home reward system) she cashes them in for a sushi date with mom. 

Of course, sushi can be pricey, so one day we decided it was time for us to figure out how to make rolls and what not. And when I say “we” of course I mean me because no one else stayed interested long enough to perfect the rolling. Either way, I honed my rolling skills. So last year on a special occasion I would send the kids with various rolls with sandwich meats or sausages rolled in the center. Classmates and teachers thought no doubt, my kids had the best lunch, evah. 

But now we are about 90% grain free (I am 100% as is the hubs, but the kids get an occasional rice or corn something) I felt like I wanted to try to see about making a paleo kid sushi roll. To do so, I of course started off with cauli-rice, YUM! I know your thinking… “but wait, those rolls only work with the sticky rice!” But really, its a little more work, but you CAN make this work with cauli-rice! 

To start off with, you need to cook your cauli-rice nicely… so its pretty soft but not mushy. Set it aside so it cools down and get all your ingredients ready. We usually use whatever veggies we have on hand like cucumber, carrots, celery etc. sliced very thin and about 4″ long. Then on my bamboo mat I place plastic wrap and then the sea weeds (two sheets unless you have the long sheets) to a width of about 8″. My matt is 9.5″ wide, so the 8″ works nicely.

Next you spread a thin layer of cauli-rice on your sea weed, thin but covering the entire surface EXCEPT the last inch on the top (that will be moistened a little with water to keep your roll together. Next starting at the bottom, closest to you, you lay down your meat (we used Applegate Farms cocktail minis for this one) thinly sliced and veggies so they are horizontal to you, press them down a bit.

Then its time to roll! You have to use the bamboo mat to roll and keep the center contents together. Since the cauli-rice is less sticky, it takes some practice, but does work. My first effort ever at sushi rolls looked like poo poo. So you continue to roll and use the mat to press down as you roll it towards the end. At the last inch, moisten the end with some water and pull the last inch up with the mat until its one sea weed sausage looking number. Then, depending on how tight (or loose) the roll is, you can wrap the entire thing in the bamboo mat and squeeze it a bit to seal and tighten it. Just don’t press too hard or the contents will all ooze out the ends. 

Lastly of course is the cutting…. BUT WAIT!!! Before you cut your fine roll, again- since we are not using rice for these they tend to be a little looser, we have a few extra steps to help you. First, you want to wrap that roll in the plastic wrap that was under your sea weed. At the ends twist it sort of like the ends of a plastic wrapped hard candy. Then- pop that baby in the freezer for about 10 minutes. That will just get it to solidify and settle so its easier to cut. After the ten minutes are up, pull that baby out of the freezer and slice the roll (minus plastic) with a very sharp knife into about 1 1/2″ rolls. Then you can see your beautiful work, cauli-rice and fillings before you! 

Don’t stress if your first rolls (or first few) are not so savory looking, it takes some time to get the technique down… but even your failures can be delicious! 

Though we don’t use fish for lunches (can you imagine fresh tuna or salmon sitting in a lunchbox for FOUR HOURS!? Ick) these rolls are by far my daughter’s favorite thing to get for lunch. They are a little time consuming, but definitely mix things up a bit.

Here is a link to some instruction with more photos than I have (I was working these babies in the morning and didn’t have time for too many photos). Obviously you can do these with rice, but you can make them happen with cauliflower too. I hope you try them out and enjoy!