So when its time to pack lunches, I don’t try to experiment too much with things I am not sure they are going to like to eat, because I am not there to nudge them. They know our rules “at least one taste” even if they have tried it ten times and didn’t like it. Only a few years ago my young man was still dealing with so many sensory issues that his diet was extraordinarily limited. Today, he will eat a wide variety of items including squash, kale, chard, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower and so much more. Years ago the only veggies he would eat were peas and carrots. He has, to say the least, come a long way. My girlie on the other hand likes nearly every type of food, there is really a short list of items she dislikes making her meal planning a cinch. 

In any case, sometimes you really have to cater a little to personalities when prepping your kids meals. I am definitely not a “make separate meals for everyone” type of person, but I do want to be sure they will eat what they have at lunch because I am not there to get them to try it. Having a number of things at the ready makes it easy for me to be able to make small adjustments to the meals to fit the kiddo. With our veggie and fruit prep early in the week, we are ready to hash out a lunch time that everyone will eat. 

For yesterday’s lunch we had parsnip/carrot mash, Against All Grain’s cookies (I omit the chocolate because I can’t eat lunchboxchocolate and I want a cookie too!) and fresh fruit for sides. For the main dish, my guy has sautéed Swiss chard with Applegate Farms cocktail weenies (if he could have these everyday for every meal he would). My girlie has a Swiss chard, leftover meatloaf and diced tomatoes, basil and a little sea salt and pepper. They have separate mains today because my guy hates… hate with an ever loving passion, tomatoes. But he does like kale, so a quick sauté with the chard and weenies are perfect for him. 

Usually at school they have a mid-morning snack time, so the kids grab a lunch box item for snack to munch on, usually their fruit. The rest they have for lunch obviously and then when they get home they have a healthy snack while working on homework. They aren’t by any means starving, ever, and love their lunches! 

We are moving towards the end of this series, but Wednesday we will have a winner to announce for the Lunchbox Round-up Giveaway as well as a final round-up of all the recipes that I have used in this series. So one final post for the series and one spot for all your lunchbox resources listed so you can check out some items that work for us on a daily basis.