While it took much longer than anticipated, the Lunchbox Round-up Series provided 5 days of lunches (and a few more pictured below) highlighting some recipes, blogs and cookbooks that we use on a regular basis to get lunches together for our family each day. 

In the first day- Preparations, we talked about our food list (each kiddo has their personalLunchbox1 likes and dislikes) and getting things ready early in the week so you have fresh items at hand to throw together. This post by Paleo Non Paleo is super helpful in getting some ideas down and something I used to organize myself. I also talk about pre-making some items like freezer waffles to use as a quick go to and preserved items like beef jerky and fruit leather- some of my own kids favorite snack items. 

The second day- First Day Lunch, I talked about a few items that are readily available for our lunch boxes including plantain wraps and almond pulp crackers

Day 3- The Continuation, after a break from the kitchen disasters, I wrote about the lunch containers we use and a new recipe for Chicken Salad Muffins. There was also a little information about lunchbox containers- we use Ecolunchboxes and Laptop Lunches, depending on what we have on the day. On Day 5 we talked about my daughter’s favorite lunch idea- Lunchbox Sushi and did a bit of a how-to for those.


SO to bring it all together, I wanted to post a number of pictures of the lunches we have been prepping since the beginning of the school year as well as links for all the things we referenced in one place. In the future, there will be a Gluten-free and Paleo Kids Lunches page in the menu that you can come back to and see various ideas and pictures for some lunchbox inspiration. 

Getting Started: Ideas for how to start making fresh and delicious lunches

Paleo Non Paleo: Paleo Hacking your school lunches

Cultivating The Love of Real Food in Our Children, Guest Post from The Paleo Parents on The Paleo Momma

Lunchbox Round-up: Preparations

What Paleo Kids Eat by Paleo Mom

Paleo Meal Planning by Holistic Squid

Getting Ready for School Lunches, Lunches, Snacks and Beyond by Paleo Mom

 Paleo and Gluten-free Lunch Supplies and Ideas

EcoLunchbox– Great for older kids
Laptop Lunches by Bentoware– Good for younger kids and some older
Lunchbots– Great for young and older kids
Goodbyn– Perfect for young kids

Delicious, Nutrious and Simple Lunch Recipes

Plantain Tortilla- Zenbelly
Almond Pulp Crackers
And FINALLY, here are a few weeks of lunches that we have prepared for our own gluten-free paleo kids. Be sure to follow my Lunchbox board on Pinterest and Instagram (cakecooksgf on Instagram) to see are updated Lunch Box tips and new lunches. 
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