Sunday morning my little lady, a second year Junior Girl Scout, decided that it was time to make some headway on her cooking badge. She planned out a breakfast for the family and did an amazing job. I guess my kids do actually pay attention a little these years I have had them in the kitchen. We totally raved about a few things she made so she wanted to write about it and share a recipe for Egg Frittata with everyone.

Without further adieu, Lily’s first post:

A Big Girl Scout Breakfast

At a Girl Scout meeting a few weeks ago, another girl had some badges that the group hadn’t done yet. She said she was ahead with some of her badges because she worked at home on them. So I decided that I should try to get ahead too since I

Egg Frittata

Lily’s badge and breakfast plans

am the only second year Junior in my group. When I got my Girl Scout manual and I was able to read the steps to earn the badges and I decided to start on cooking first. The first step is getting a tour of a kitchen, mom said she would ask a few friends if I could do that this week. So then the second step was making an egg dish for everyone in the family. First I started to think about different egg dishes that I thought would be delicious. Then I asked people in the family what they wanted from the choices that I picked. I decided on a menu of scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, sunny side up, a frittata and deviled eggs.

The next morning, mom and I got up early and went to the grocery store to pick up things to use for the dishes. Then we got back home and started up our meal. First we started to cook the bacon, then we started to work on the frittata. First we chopped the onion, shredded the carrots and washed the kale. Then we cooked the onion in a pan till it was brown. Then we added the veggies and got the eggs ready. Then we put everything together and mixed it up and put it in the oven.

Mom made the biscuits for the Eggs Benedict and I got the eggs ready for the scrambled eggs. I had to get the ham and cheese out and grate up the cheese and dice the ham. I put the ham in the pan to brown it a little then added the eggs. I stirred it up a little to let it to cook then I added the cheese. I stirred it until it was all done and put it in a bowl.

Next we put eggs to boil for the deviled eggs. While the eggs were

Egg Frittata

Our Big Girl Scout made breakfast!

cooking we started the sauce for the Eggs Benedict. Mom found a recipe from Paleo Cupboard for the sauce that was easy to make in the blender.

Next we took the muffins and bacon out of the oven to cool. Then we cut the muffins in half and started to poach the eggs. Mom made a little fruit salad with berries and apple. I took the boiled eggs out to cool and when they were done mom cut them in half and I made the filling. I got to fill them with a pastry bag!

It got SO late cooking we couldn’t do the eggs sunny side up eggs even though I really wanted to learn how to make them. It was getting late and we had to eat before church.

We set the table and told everyone to sit down and ate our breakfast. It was delicious! :)

It really was a wonderful meal and the frittata came out SO incredibly well, I can’t wait till tomorrow to have more for breakfast! I am really so incredibly thrilled that my little lady not only loves to cook and bake, but is really good at it. The fact that we are cooking grain-less doesn’t faze her one bit, in fact she is excited to bake up a “palio” dessert! I hope these experiences stick with her and she lives and grows in a home of healthy choices and the ability to provide nutritious and delicious meals on her own in the future.