About 8 months ago I was on a gluten-free community forum and the topic was gluten-free support. One mother was talking about how wonderful her local support organization, a chapter of R.O.C.K.- Raising Our Celiac (and gluten-free) Kids was. She

Cranberry Ginger Bundt Cake

It doesn’t look like it, but they actually enjoyed this.

said they provided so much support to her kids with monthly fun meetings or “R.O.C.K. Parties.” So I looked into it and found that my area was completley void of such support. We have a wonderful group led by Shirley at gfe: King George Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Group, as well as Meat-ups with The Paleo Parents in Fairfax, but it is a haul for us in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area. So I decided to contact the national organization and see about start a chapter in my area. 

Each month we get together for a fun family get together, a place where kids can meet other gluten-free kids and have a good time. My kids LOVE getting together with other R.O.C.K. kids and knowing that they are not alone in the lifestyle we live has been so helpful and important to them. I love being able to have a safe and fun environment to bring families together to find support, eat safe foods and learn. 

In November we hosted a cooking demo for the kids where they took over Cranberry Ginger Bundt Cakethe kitchen and with a little instruction made a wonderful Cranberry Ginger Bundt Cake. The kids were delighted with thier creations, even more so when they got to eat them. We look forward to many more R.O.C.K. Parties in the future and more fun times for all of our gluten-free kids. 

If you are in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area and looking for gluten-free support for your family, please check out our Facebook page at R.O.C.K. Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania.  For wonderful support in King George, Va check out the  King George Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Group and if you are a little farther north, The Paleo Parents host great paleo Meet-ups for the whole family.