Paleo Pie Crust

Blueberry and lemon tarts in Paleo Pie Crust

I have made a number of pie crusts in my day. After eliminating gluten and dairy, I was pretty sure that a crusty, flakey crust was out of the question for me now. I was a hard core pastries sort of person and deviating from butter and wheat flour

seemed like an impossible task for a perfect pie crust. So I haven’t really made too many pies in the last year, much to my family’s dismay. 

Approaching the holidays though- pie is a must. So I decided to try to get a pie crust made that I could not only tolerate, but love. This pie crust is super easy to throw together and is very versatile. Just be sure, absolutely sure, you chill it properly because otherwise it will NOT be rollable. If done right, this dough is pretty pliable and easy to roll. So far I have made pies, pastry pockets and tarts with this dough and all turned out delicious.