Not-ella Stuffed Cookie

My parents “winter wonderland”

When I was little the holidays were big… and when I mean big, I mean huge. After Halloween, we rolled into Thanksgiving and beautiful autumnal colors decorating the house. But the day after Thanksgiving it was go time. My mom and dad would haul out all the Christmas decor and lights from every hidey hole and crevice in the house. There were hidden cabinets in the entertainment room, drawers and cabinets in the basement and of course the attic. All the big ornaments and lawn decor lived most of the year in the garage, but the weekend after Thanksgiving those babies headed out into the sun. 

Our house was so adnorned, inside and out, that a few years the Washington Post highlighted our home on the front page as “a winter wonderland.” People came from far and wide to view our home and still do to this day, though the adornments are slightly less than they used to be. Christmas light lovers lined up in cars blocking traffic just to get a glimpse of our home of lights.  

Of course getting to the point of holiday cheer was a practice in patience and sanility as

Not-ella Stuffed Cookie

100 “…..for a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights.”

the strings would tangle, break and even be cut by neighborhood kids. My mom actually put a sign on the fence that stated “Cut my strings? Smile your on camera!” The camera however, was not actually present, but the sign did enough to scare off the kids. 

From there the spirit of the holidays continued in the kitchen. My mom was a cookie whiz and each year we filled tin after tin of various cookies for our house and to share with everyone around us. During the holidays we lived at the feet of my mother in the kitchen, gleaning all her baking skills. As my siblings and I got a little older we were put in charge of different parts of recipes, even a whole cookie batch on our own. 

Not-ella Stuffed Cookies

Girlie and her Portuguese speaking cousin!

Now that I have my own children, we carry on those traditions in our home. While we definitely don’t have the lights and ornaments to get a line of cars in front of our house, we do bake up a storm during the holidays, especially cookies. Last year we had family visiting from Brazil and the girlie and her second cousin made sugar cookies together. You would have never known that her cousin didn’t speak a bit of english as they worked together to make sweet treats, rolling out dough, baking and decorating thier cookies. 

So as our holidays are in full swing here, we are getting some new cookie recipes Not-ella Stuffed Cookiestogether. Of course I defer to the kids to see what thier cookie wishes are and this year I got one word- Nutella. The kiddo asked if I could stuff something with Nutella and while I love me some Nutella… I don’t so much love the junk in it, especially the dairy. So I started working on a “Not-ella” first and then moved on to what the actually cookie would be. A little messing around and we had a “Not-ella Stuffed Cookie,” which received rave reviews from everyone in the house, even grandma said that it was holiday cookie worthy.  

These little beauties are a contestant in the Gluten-free Cookie Swap, so head on over to the page, look for the picture to the right and “like” it to vote for the “Not-ella Stuffed Cookie!” I appreciate the support!