If you know me… you know I come from a long line of Latin Americans. My mom is from Brazil and my Dad from Ecuador. I

Confetti Rice

Rice pilaf, stir fried, with chicken, rice with fried eggs…

grew up in a kitchen constantly emitting the spicy and delicious flavors of my family’s culture. With that of course, one of the staples of Latin American cuisine is rice. In my lifetime so far (how many years? Who knows.) I have eaten more rice than probably anything else. Rice with beans (WHAT!? Yup… pre-paleo folks), rice with pork chops, arroz con pollo (chicken/rice dish), rice with… well everything. I could go on, but at the risk of sounding like Bubba Blue I will cut myself short. 

Over the last year, diet and nutrition has been a real lesson in learning my body and its response to foods. Early on in my dietary changes, I started to talk about the improvements I have experienced. One thing that I learned working on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), was that nightshades, all of them, are a big no-no for me. I also learned that tapioca, yucca and soy cause major autoimmune reactions for me. Nuts, I can eat, but minimally and best when soaking them before hand. There are a lot of things that I stay away from, which can be challenging, but my health has improved SO much, I can cope with the loss of some foods that cause problems for me. I will talk about all that in a little more detail in an upcoming year-end roundup. 

This year we hosted Thanksgiving for the family, a first in our home and since we have really overhauled our diet and nutrition. Since my family is latin, rice was necessary… I think my dad would have walked out had there not been actual rice. So I worked up this recipe first with actual rice. At Thanksgiving every LOVED the rice, my neice saying it was THE best thing on the table. Because we don’t really eat all that much rice, I really wanted to paleo-fy the recipe before sharing. 

Once you get all the ingredients prepped, this Confetti Caulirice comes together really quickly. So if you have some guests coming over this week for the holidays and need a good dish that is pretty easy to put together but looks rather impressive (it really does!) this might be a good addition. My kids didn’t really notice the difference between the caulirice and the real rice dish and I actually liked it more in its nutritionally packed version.