Last week was nutty with the weather in these parts. Record breaking temperatures closed all the schools in the area. The meteorologists said that temperatures hadn’t been this low in 20 years. Interestingly enough, I do not remember missingGrain-free Coconut Citrus Cupcake school because it was too cold outside. (Yeah, I clearly remember 20 years ago…doh) I give in because, if I, MYSELF, didn’t want to leave my house when it was -3 with the wind chill, I can’t imagine any child would want to.

Earlier in the winter we purchased some citrus from my nephew for his school fundraiser. Not long before Christmas, our glorious box of Florida arrived. At first it was an orange or tangelo every day… then we put them in the fridge (the spare one downstairs) and it was like out of sight out of mind. So we still have a number of citrus-y friends left.

Back in my professional cake making days I had something like 24 flavor Grain-free Coconut Citrus Cupcakecombinations of cupcakes. The- by far favorite one for wintery things or weddings was the “Citrus Sunshine.” I know it sounds a little lame, but it sold like hot cakes. It was a combination of orange, vanilla and spice. Well…. with a bunch of oranges I thought, why not. We can do this grain-free, right?

I am not going to lie- this isn’t an eat-everyday-cupcake. Its definitely in the “treats” department. The little lady insisted it needed a glaze, which I agree is super tasty, but the cake can actually stand on its own without if you want to cut out a little extra sugar. I think it sort of borders somewhere in the area between muffin and cupcake… mufcake? Hmm, that just doesn’t sound right. We’ll just say its a cupcake and call it a day. Whatever you call it, I hope “tasty” is part of it.