3 phase paleo

I don’t know how many times people have told me that paleo is too hard. These people are, generally people who haven’t tried it but just look at what they see as all the restrictions. Whenever I talk to people about my family and our lifestyle I tell them that the most important thing for us, and I think anyone making a big change, is transition. 3 Phase Paleo does just that. It is a complete resource on transition from Swapping and Replacing to Healing. Matt and Stacy carefully lay out exactly how to be able to transition from the Standard American Diet to paleo for the whole family. And when I say “the whole family” I totally mean it. This e-book isn’t just a description of the paleo “whys” but moves on into the “how” and gives you 75 recipes, many from their previous books (Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur) and their blog. We have used many of these recipes for a while now and having them in one e-book I can go back to is great!

My favorite part of this book is definitely the grocery list and the swapping guide. I think that starting off (I know especially for us!) it was hard to figure out what foods we should be buying and where we could get them. Our trip to the grocery stores would turn into food buying marathons that we spent reading label after label. Having a guide with some great key items to start bringing into your pantry is priceless.3 phase paleo

My kids love any new book that Matt and Stacy put together (as do I), but this book is going to be my absolute go-to now when I talk to people, especially families, thinking about embarking on a whole foods or paleo journey. While I am not a huge e-book fan, having this book on my ipad or kindle makes it so easy to go back and forth to the grocery and is really idea for this type of book for people. 

Lucky for my readers, I have a copy to giveaway this month! If you or someone you know could benefit from this cool e-book (be honest with yourself…. you WANT it) use the Rafflecopter below! 


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