Pear Apple Cranberry PieDid you know its National Pie Day? Yesterday as the news came on and the reporters turned to the less-than-news news, they announced it was pie time. My kids (on their second snow day) decided that I needed to make a new pie. Well… with the roads an icy mess, I wasn’t about to head to the grocery store so we grabbed what we had on hand for a delicious winter pie! I had some organic cranberries I froze in November that could really use a home, so this worked out perfectly. 

The apples and pears are sweet and the cranberry gives it a nice sour-y kick to balance it all out. The struesel I admit is my favorite part. We don’t have dessert often in our house, but when we do, I like to live it up a bit. This pie is paleo-friendly in the ingredeints, obvioulsly just on the sweet-treat side. We used the Paleo Pie Crust, and it worked together nicely. 

Do you have a favorite pie? What are you nom-ing down on this National Pie Day?