Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like you can’t win for trying? That was my evening. 

My hubs texted me at about 11:30 am and said he was done at work for the day and was on the way home. Ok, I wasn’t expecting that, but it was a pleasant suprise, mostly. My mom and I talk about our productivity and how much we get done at home and out… when our husbands are not home. My dad seems to amble around the house these days approaching retirement sorta like a puppy. Its sweet and loving and all… cept it drives my mom insane. I can sympathize. I LOVE my husband, but shoot, I need to get shtuf done! 

I had a few things to get done, so I asked if he wanted to tag along which was fine and fun. We ended up heading over to Smith Bowman Distillerythe local Distillery… well, cause why not. It had been almost a year since we had been there last… for our wedding reception. In case you were wondering, yes, it was the most epic wedding of all time. And yes, we are super wicked awesome people, getting married in a distillery. Just nodd your head, you know it. 

So we got the tour, again, this time with the new distiller on duty and some really cool changes. Should you happen to be in the Fredericksburg, Va area I highly recommend it. In fact, after work you should go to your local ABC and ask them to direct you to the Bowmans 10-year Bourbon. Seriously, you’ll thank me later. I digress. 

So after visiting with the folks and tasting some spirits (which really is the most ideal way to tour a distillery) we headed home. I told the hubs I seriously needed to get some computer work Smith Bowman Distillerydone and then had to finish my new recipe for the blog. Its important stuff! So I said he was in charge of dinner while I worked in the office. 

We also have this amazing aid who comes in the afternoon to work with the kiddo, so I felt with confidence that the hubs could handle dinner. I even told him the page for the recipe he was going to make. He seems to do ok when there are clear directions… and pictures. 

I nervously watched the time ticked by as I was working on my computer. He was in his man space… our unfinished room which serves as his workshop, doing who knows what. 6:58. Dammit. Time to stop working and go make dinner, darn you hubs! 

Mr. Yuck

Mr. Yuck… ah, the memories

So I head up and get on with making the dern dinner. BUT. BUT. I opened the chicken pack and my chicken thighs smelled off. I rinsed them carefully and sniffed… maybe just the juices it was in, but WHOA that water smelled bad. I decided to move forward (you may see where this is going) with the chicken because it didn’t smell bad, just the wateryness it was in and I had only bought it like 3 days before. 

I called the hubs up and said “hey yoohoo, what happened to dinner?!” Of course his response makes it impossible to harass him anymore, I hate that. “I was helping little lady with her homework, she was having a really hard time.” Damn you for being such a good dad! 

I was working on a test recipe of a paleo-ish chicken with cashews since the hubs wasn’t making the other thing. I got everything chopped and got the sauce made and all. It all came together pretty easily and I was pretty convinced with a little tweaking this would be a great recipe, until… I tasted the chicken. DAMMIT! It was definitely rancid and you could SO taste it even with the awesome sauce on it. 

Hubs had finished with the homework so he asked how he could help. So I set him to work on some paleo mayo that I was going to use for a FABULOUS Primal Artichoke Spinach Dip! (it was awesome in my head only so far) So he gets going. I have made mayo like a million times with no problem. For some reason it wasn’t working for the hubs. Hmm. So I grabbed the bowl of ingredients ready to dump it… it was hot, like really hot. Ah. “Dear, lovey, sugarbottom?” He loves it when I call him pet names like that. (because he knows he did something wrong) “Erm… you know this isn’t going to work with hot oil, right?” He had sort of a defeated look in his face “I knew I did something wrong.” I tried to recover it but it appeared that the hot oil actually tempered the egg yolk, so off to the drain it went. 

Strike two! You got that right, that is TWO failures in one night. We were feeling pretty crappy. I was scrambling for SOMETHING for dinner for the kids… which turned out to be Applegate Farms hot dogs sauted with sweet potato, onion and a little balsamic on a bed of spinach. My little lady said “Hey this looks like a dish on Chopped!” Obviously we have been watching too much Chopped, but hey, it was food. 

So the hubs set off on a second go of the mayo, which was successful, thank God. I dumped the rancid chicken, which I had loaded primal artichoke spinach dipwith my not-cheap cashews (GRRR!) and I ended up getting my Spinach Dip in the oven. By 10:30pm I pulled the dish out of the oven and to my delight, it didn’t suck. In fact, it is amazing. I think I could potentially have Primal Artichoke Spinach Dip as its own food group. So we dined like kings, at 10:30pm on spinach dip and celery.