The AIP Journey and evil nightshades…..

I have found over the last year that my reaction to nightshades is as bad, if not worse than my reaction to gluten. It was Paleo Breakfast Sausagehonestly a harsh reality that I have had to come to terms with and one that may last for a long time if not forever. After being AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) for about 4 months, I tried to see about reintroducing nightshades into my diet. (For detail about WHAT nightshades are, read this post by The Paleo Mom) I started slowly with some more mild nightshade spices like paprika before trying ground peppers or (*gasp*) actual peppers. Not very long after consuming the offender (I would say maybe an hour or two) I start to develop a migraine and my skin just goes crazy in hives and scales, eventually cracking and bleeding. After the initial reaction of my neuro stuff and the skin, my joints join the party. My knees, back and neck start to ache so badly it’s hard to walk. I wish I could say that it’s a total overstatement, but the pain literally brings tears to my eyes. 

Because I am so damn hard-headed, I tried again at 7 months AIP to reintroduce nightshades.. It was conference night at the kids school and we had had dinner before leaving, tacos with plantain wraps and red pepper spiced beef. My husband recounts how I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk down an entire hallway before sitting down. That was a rough night. You win again nightshades! 

Nightshades suck… for me at least. 

When you have horrible reactions to a certain type of food you eliminate it. Sometimes, as brave as you are, you miss that Paleo Breakfast Pattieeliminated items like SAUSAGES! The large majority of pre-made sausage all contain some type of nightshade, which is delicious, but a no-go for me obviously. I started to try various AIP sausage recipes to get my fix. Mickey at Autoimmune Paleo has a fantastic recipe for 3 Herb Beef Sausages that I have used many a time.  Recently she put together this great 50/50 Italian Breakfast Sausages that I love. Those are both fabulous and get a lot of mileage in our breakfast arena. 

Overtime, I did reintroduce nuts and seeds and use spices like cumin, fennel, coriander and nutmeg. I, after bringing nut and seed spices back with no reaction, decided that I wanted a more classic sausage-y flavor (usually brought on my fennel seed) to have in our breakfast routine. This past weekend I threw something together and had the family see what they thought. The kids loved  these Paleo Breakfast Patties and I finally had a sausage-y tasting sausage patty again, yay! Like Mickey talks about making a huge batch of sausage patties in her 50/50 Sausage Patties, we tend to do the same for breakfast patties, making the mornings a little more manageable. For me its the perfect accompaniment to some saurkraut, fresh avocado and Spinach Sweet Potato Hash for a delicious, filling and nutritious breakfast.