Last week was a less-than-ideal week. I am not going to even get into all that that means because its really boring and I would get all grumpy about it again. I will focus on the fact that after a crap week, I really wanted a cookie. Since I can’t do chocolate (which really sucks) I have to think outside of the cookie box. I was thinking about doing Paleo Parents N’oatmeal Cookies, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. So I just started throwing things together in my food processor to see what I would get out of it.

grain-free french toast

Not cookies…

As it turns out, I didn’t make a cookie, not even something remotely close to a cookie. What I did make, however was the most delicious mistake I think I have ever made. My kids woke in the morning to a loaf of delicious grain-free cinnamon raisin bread instead. So since we had a great raisin bread, I decided to make Grain-free Raisin Bread French Toast. Pow!

Then I made the mistake of Instagram-ing and Facebook-ing my photos and folks were a little displeased that I wasn’t sharing the recipe. So, I made a second loaf…. and a third, well because I am a perfectionist and really wanted it to be just right before I shared it.

grain-free cinnamon Raisin bread

See… its sort of a swirl

What I ended up settling on was a yummy grain-free bread, sweetened with ripe bananas (and it doesn’t taste like banana bread!) with a pseudo raisin bread swirl. I say pseudo because since its not a heavy rollable bread dough, it doesn’t exactly swirl like a big yeasty bread. I think the layer of sweet raisin/cinnamon really boosts the loaf to a little piece of heaven (yeah, my heaven is filled with chocolate that I can eat without a reaction, warm raisin bread with a pat of melting butter and steamy coffee with heavy cream which I can tolerate, because its heaven). Anyway- you can make this bread without the “swirl” filling, I would just increase the raisin in the recipe by about half cup, but geez, why wouldn’t you want a little swirl to your bread? That sounds sorta hip, get yo swirl on!