Hi there all! I have been gone… for a while. It’s been over a month since I posted last, hard to believe how fast time flies. Things have been “complicated” in ever so many ways in life recently that have forced me to make some big decisions, good and bad. Kickshaws_2014_Logo_RGBI may have mentioned before in my alternate life I am working to open a natural and locally sourced grocery store in my town, Fredericksburg, Va. It has been one hell of a ride since my business partner and I started planning it. It’s very exciting and something our area really needs, but like any business startup, there are… err… hiccups. We are sticking to our guns, but it has been more or less an all encompassing feat working on the store. I have had to really start streamlining things in our lives, work and home. Fear not, I will not be shutting down Cake Cooks… but I am closing down my other blog- Mountains of Molehills: A Journey of Aspergers Parenting. It has been a long time coming- I just don’t have the energy or time that I would like to dedicated to that blog, outreach, networking and community involvement. Interestingly, Asperger’s parenting is one of the the things that largely fills my plate these days as well. My kiddo is transitioning to middle school this year and our IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings have been difficult. I was asked at the last meeting “if he still qualifies as Aspergers.” I take that to mean that they feel he requires no addition supports, (which he does) supports I have been fighting for since last year. I will be completely honest, I don’t think he cares too much about moving up to middle school, but I am scared of it FOR him, a lot. So, I am working like a mad woman trying to do IEP’s, open a store and get used to my husband’s new evening work schedule Autismribbonbecause he inevitably and unintentionally, wakes me when he gets home at 2am. Ugh. It sounds like a lot of complaining, but like I said its good and bad stuff and I am trying to take it all in stride (or compartmentalize…, probably compartmentalizing). I realized the other day however, as I was writing down a new recipe creation, I have a huge backlog of recipes that I haven’t shared with anyone. I feel like that is pretty selfish because there are some tasty things we have been working on! I mean, despite our craziness, we still eat for goodness sake. I have NOT relaxed our nutrition due to business or work schedule. Our nutrition and health is one of the cornerstones for our family and always will be. I think its just one of those things that you have to look at as a priority and if it is, well- you make the time for it.

So enough of my “catch-up” rant. On to the recipe!

The other day my friend Shirley posted a recipe link on her Facebook page for Carrot Cake Pancakes. She has a habit of sharing amazingly delicious recipes of either her own creation or other awesome gluten-free or paleo bloggers… which of course then I have to make! I love carrot cake and my kids love pancakes, so this was a morning for carrot cake pancakes. While this recipe from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures looks tasty- we are generally grain-free here. So I thought, hrm… I think I can make something up. Thankfully, my experiment was a success and the kids were in heaven. Because I am a perfectionist, I tried this recipe twice. Once I did it with the coconut palm sugar, the second time without. The kids are sugar addicts- something I am continuing to work on, so they preferred the sweetened cakes. But with the addition of a tablespoon of maple syrup for serving them, I prefer them without the sugar. The raisins are an optional addition, but I like raisins with my carrot cake. Pair them with some bacon and your good to go!